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Greg Hummer said, “Simplicity's services are unique and what the country needs to foster lower cost healthcare, promote consumerism and drive employees to embrace wellness programs.”

Simplicity Health Plans has developed a proprietary suite of tools to best implement and maintain a CDHP (Consumer Directed Health Plan) with an HSA. Using the Internet to achieve real-time data and Point Of Service adjudication, clinical editing re-pricing and payment - we add transparency, and eliminate insurance forms, patient bills, unnecessary costs, fraud, and the debit card along with its associated problems. We achieve near instant UR and Disease Management by early real time online detection.

Greg Hummer said, “The Simplicity system integrates and includes TPA, PPO and PBM services, Banking, UR, Medical Case Management, and Wellness.” All aspects of banking and medical are seamlessly merged into one uniform simple to use Member/ Employer/Provider website. Employers get real time claims reports. Gregory J. Hummer said, “Our simple technology enables the perfect implemention of a CDHP with HSA.” Members and Providers embrace the ease of use while Employers eliminate many HR hassles as they transition employees to a CDHP.

Greg Hummer said, “Our Wellness site is one of the most comprehensive in the country. It is integrated directly into the main Member site. Our StayFit Plan is a subset of the Wellness program.” The StayFit plan measures four biometric parameters and allows the Employer to contribute funds to the member's HSA based on the percent of parameters achieved. Simplicity Health Plan members have unlimited inbound calls to talk directly to their health coaches, which are nurses, dieticians or exercise physiologists. Simplicity will do onsite biometric screening and blood testing via venous draw. We also have the capability to steer member employees to local labs or testing facilities.

Gregory Hummer said, “We believe the Simplicity Health Plans’ offering is a ‘game changing’ opportunity to resolve many of our country’s healthcare problems. We are confident that you will find relevance on many levels of your organization’s ideals.”

Simplicity Health Plans makes it Simple:
Creates Transparency at the Point of Service
Powerful Member, Employer, Provider Website
No Hassle Employee HSA Administration and Automatic Paperless Bill Pay
Eliminates Unnecessary Costs, Debit Card, Fraud & Member Bills
Real-time Online Employer Cost Reports
Total Integration of Medical & Banking on Member Website
No Fee HSA Accounts with Excellent Interest Rate
Automatic Employer Advance & Repay
Direct Deposit to HSA Accounts via Simplicity Software

Educational CD and Consumerism Tools
Consumerism tools provided on website includes Provider Blue Book of Costs

Gregory J. Hummer, M.D.
Simplicity Health Plans
Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP)
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